SCSM 2017: 10km at 59:12

Nailed it. A 10km daytime personal best: 59 mins 12 secs

My 10km PB is 55:39 at the Sundown Marathon earlier this year.

I’m happy with the result. I did it wearing my Sava crew shirt. Symbolism.

Adding a real medal to my stash.

Gatsby Levels

My dearest batchmates in dragon boating.
I had nothing else to do.
Body language.
The 2018 team.
My kumare.
April – Best Dressed Female
The Great Depression
In the mood for Nesty
T. Swift’s Delicate

I have to restart my potatoes

I did something really, really terrible. I picked a fight with someone very important to me. Now I feel like shit. As if the year hasn’t been tough itself versus anxiety, challenges in the workplace, on my dragon boat team, in love, and even in a permanent residency application. Add to that an offer that was cancelled. Like seriously WTH. 😦

Rejection seems to be the theme!

I have friends who have had it much worse though. And I feel for them. I can’t compare my struggles with a friend who lost her mom. Or another friend who’s father is in the hospital. But we all have our own struggles.

So what am I rambling on about?

  • An anti-climatic conclusion to a year I initially thought was fantastic in dragon boating. Grabe, I really gave it my best. Three years of dragon boating and this was THE YEAR. My stats improved in Land and Water time trials. Nevermind that I am the most industrious male paddler for 2017  Eh… kamusta naman ang stats when that gets tossed out into the water without a fucking life vest. Left to drown in a whirlpool of someone else’s key performance index. Dismayed. Disappointed. You name it. But the boat continues and people will continue to paddle… trust the friggin’ process. Pagod na ako diyan. There was a process. Worse, ilan lang kami nakapansin. Everyone else seems to be like the lego people in Lego City singing that Lego song that everything is awesome. New captains next year. I believe in them but I also believed in the ones this year. I am DONE. I am taking myself out of the equation muna to focus on my personal strength development. What can I contribute to the team? My creativity.
  • The man I’m most interested in is… on the other side of the planet. He’s the one I can already imagine wearing a barong and I’m in a suit… and we’re driving a mini cooper feelin’ super-duper. But how… he’s in San Jose, California!
  • Oo may bumawi ng offer sa akin. *Insert Kris Aquino nakakaloka face*

There’s some other shit too but for now…

Here are some things I want to do

Here are some things I want to do

  • Go on a solo trip to Taiwan or Japan.
  • Explore opportunities in other major Asian cities.
  • Less dragon boating and more time with individual fitness.
  • Buy a Nintendo Switch.
  • Move to a new place.
  • Produce more video blogs.
  • Write, direct, or edit a short film or documentary.
  • To tell people as it is. You’re an asshole? You are an asshole.
  • Write and perform a rap song.
  • Buy a vacuum cleaner.
  • Hire a cleaner to fix my room and clean the bathroom.
  • Learn how to top.
  • Donate to charity.
  • Volunteer for an organisation that embraces LGBTs.
  • Double my savings.
  • Throw out half of my stuff.

Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy (Singapore)

I get my creativity from the music I listen to.

Music plays an especially meaningful role behind Final Fantasy. The story behind each installment of Final Fantasy is unique. But the music in each installment binds different stories together. They are epic, driving and triumphant. It’s good rising over evil.

Earlier, the live orchestra was helmed by composer Arnie Roth. They played sentimental songs like the delicate “Aerith’s Theme” from FFVII and the chilling “Liberi Fatali” from FFVIII.

For new gamers to the series, they played “Apocalypsis Noctis” and “Somnus” from FFXV. The music didn’t remind me about the game per se but rather the experience of coming home after work and switching off the real world.

I haven’t played every single game in Final Fantasy. But listening to music from older games makes you appreciate the lore of the thirty-year series. For a moment you can erase that “midi sound” and re-imagine FFIV, FFV, and FFVI with orchestra versions of “Theme of Love” (FFIV) and “Maria & Draco” (FFVI). The latter was performed with a trio of opera singers.

The emotional tunes of the night were the duo of “To Zanarkand” and “Hymn of the Fayth” from FFX. But the fan favorite (and perhaps, one of the best songs in the entire Final Fantasy series) remains to be the menacing “One-Winged Angel” from FFVII.

Thank you Nobuo Uematsu (who was in attendance today in Singapore!) for bringing Final Fantasy to life with your music. It has inspired creativity since 1997. 😉

Just checkin’ in! Changi Airport T4 Open House

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 opens October 31, 2017! They built it in under three years. It’s situated where the old Budget Terminal used to be. Terminal 4 or T4 is not connected to Terminals 1 to 3 via the Skytrain service. But shuttles will be provided.

If the video won’t play, you can click to see it on YouTube here.

The open house was a wonderful opportunity to check out the Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) feature. These include the self check-in (already available at the other terminals), automated Bag-Drop and Boarding Gates with facial recognition technology, and new centralised screening areas.

It is a sparkling new compact terminal that will service budget carriers like AirAsia and Cebu Pacific. It will also cater to Cathay Pacific and Korean Air. Changi Airport is Skytrax World’s Best Airport for five consecutive years. Business Insider describes it as having “received praise from flyers for its beautiful architecture, efficient operation, luxurious amenities, and dining and shopping options.”

Other upcoming megastructures include Project Jewel, a lustrous facility with vortex waterfalls that will bridge the first three terminals together. And a fifth terminal megastructure with a new runway set to open in the next decade.

Photo Walk: 13 August 2017

We had a photo walk along the Singapore River earlier. It was organized by our dragon boat team’s creative committee. I used my Canon G7X Mark II (same as my teammate Dan). Other participants brought their DSLRs.

The flowers of Singapore.
The flags are up in August.
Hey Shiela!
The pigeons of UOB Plaza.
Harold giving me a refresher on aperture.
A random assortment where the bushes are manicured.
Kaptian and Nel talking about exposure.
The weather was a bit gloomy.
The steps leading down to the river.
The fountains outside The Fullerton.
Our friend the Merlion.
Photo walk participants from the team.

Paddler Update: 5 August 2017

What makes paddling difficult for you is the mental game behind it. You’ve seen improvements in strength and endurance. But the voices in your head are what distract you from going further. You doubt yourself sometimes. It’s unnecessary. It’s also aided by observing the smallest things: not getting into the line-up you wanted, seeing someone with less training end up on the stronger boat, not being corrected (are you worth “being corrected”), or being corrected (works both ways)

But you forgot this: You’ve had your best time trials yet. You shattered personal bests in push-ups, sit-ups, and dumbbell rows. You’re within striking distance of becoming one of the faster runners on the team. Your water time trial is improving each and every time.

So what can you do? You keep going.

Next Race: Singapore River Regatta (November 2017)

Attendance Photo of the men’s crew taken on 5 August 2017.