BTS: FDS Dragon Divas 2017

Here’s my latest passion project! A behind-the-scenes look at the Filipino Dragons (Singapore) “Dragon Divas” performance back in June. Enjoy!

If the video doesn’t play, you can watch it via YouTube.


Paddler Update: 5 August 2017

What makes paddling difficult for you is the mental game behind it. You’ve seen improvements in strength and endurance. But the voices in your head are what distract you from going further. You doubt yourself sometimes. It’s unnecessary. It’s also aided by observing the smallest things: not getting into the line-up you wanted, seeing someone with less training end up on the stronger boat, not being corrected (are you worth “being corrected”), or being corrected (works both ways)

But you forgot this: You’ve had your best time trials yet. You shattered personal bests in push-ups, sit-ups, and dumbbell rows. You’re within striking distance of becoming one of the faster runners on the team. Your water time trial is improving each and every time.

So what can you do? You keep going.

Next Race: Singapore River Regatta (November 2017)

Attendance Photo of the men’s crew taken on 5 August 2017.

Race Report: Sports Hub SDBA Dragon Boat Century

Some photos from our first race of the year on March 11! Our boat made it into the semifinals. While our seniors crew landed 4th place in the grand finals.

  • Team: Filipino Dragons (Singapore)
  • Length: 100 meters
  • Venue: Sports Hub Waterfront
  • Team Boats: Four (3 mixed open, 1 mixed seniors)
  • Placement: 4th in the Grand Finals (Seniors Crew), 1 mixed crew in the semis

We started the new training year off with sprints (our usual bread and butter is 500-meters and 200/250-meters). This was the inaugural 100-meter sprint under the Sports Hub and SDBA banners. Normally the first race of the year is the SAVA Sprints but that event has been postponed to May.

I think we were pretty strong given that there were many new faces on the team. The competition was tough. There were no separate categories for the international business community (expats).

On a personal level, this was the first race I did not sit as a reserve. The captains/coach gave me a chance to paddle in every heat our small boat competed in. I think I also competed in every heat possible during last year’s Singapore River Regatta (SRR), but I was assigned as part of the FDS-SAVA Crew.

I felt I gave my best during this race. On the boat were former team captains… the pressure was there. But I was determined to give what I could give.

Photos from SDBA


It’s that time of the year when the lights are up and people start dressing up for things. Two parties this past weekend. Our company “Dinner and Dance” (D&D) and our dragon boat team’s year-end party.

Our D&D’s theme was “A Night of Treasures”. I really wanted to dress up for it… kaso, with my lipat bahay this weekend AND my family visiting me in Singapore next week… I can’t afford to rent a full costume. LOL. Imagine that, I’ll dress up at the D&D.

I wanted to be Jafar from Aladdin or I wanted to be Bianca Del Rio during the Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 7 finale when he crowned Violet Chacki. You know… glimmering silver… head to toe and all over.

Scrap that.

A colleague accompanied me to the Tekka Centre in Little India. It’s a whole floor of more traditional Indian clothing (and don’t get me started I don’t know the particular ones OK… I’m not pretentious lol). It just looked nice and colorful. Some stuff were cheap like $20 and below. Others were in the hundreds. These were the ready-to-wear ones.

Eventually went for a black top for about SGD 30.00. It was a short-sleeve one. Kishan lended me his scarf.

The venue of this year’s D&D was Aryaa. Love the place… but I don’t know how the hell I got home afterwards. Uber I think.


The next party was the FDS Year-Ender. We had it at Boat Quay.

Because I was nursing a hangover from the D&D, I decided it wasn’t in my best interest to go home drunk again. I didn’t drink much. I was mostly just chilling in the corner or taking videos or whatever. 🙂

Oh, and I picked up an award! I’ve never won anything like it with FDS in my two years with the team. I didn’t expect it at all but THANK YOU.

Good times. And better times ahead!

Now the focus shifts to my lipat bahay this weekend. And prepping for my family’s arrival in Singapore. ❤

The River Regatta

This was the best dragon race I’ve taken part in so far.

There were no medals for me to bring home this time. But I’m happy because I know gave my all. I got a chance to paddle every time our boat was called to race.

That’s me! Right in the middle of our small boat. Awesome captures by Right Exposure Photography. ❤

The team went home with two silvers in two categories under the International Business Community. The team also made minor finals for other categories. Overall, the energy during the Singapore River Regatta was enthusiastic. We were a large team and we had multiple boats.

What to look forward to next year?

Two years doing this and I am in love with the sport. There’s no doubt that this is not just some hobby. I love paddling and I see myself doing it for years to come. I guess the struggle is being consistent and being disciplined. Both will get me closer to the desired result: being excellent in this sport.

I know I still have a long way to go.



It’s not where I want to be. It’s not where I want to sit. But it’s where I’m at.

At one point I was the only one looking after all the bags!


I train. I hit the gym to supplement. I run even if I hate it sometimes. I bring my brand of enthusiasm. I am committed. I’m not the strongest or fastest. But I put in my part and my piece.

But somehow reserve remains my place in the dragon boat universe.

Just putting it out there because one day I hope to look back at this blog entry and laugh at it. I’ll shut up and continue training. Cutting off everything that takes me off of training.

Kaya ko ‘to!



And not literally of course because it’s a team sport. But the idea that you are competing against all the doubt that builds up inside of yourself. 🙂

Line-up for Premiere Open on Day 2.
Making myself comfortable on the air couch.
My paddle batchmates.
Everyone sporting the new FDS drinking shirt.


Natatakot ako bumalik sa training.

Nung una kasi, may skin allergy ako. May kasama pang mild fever. Nagpatingin ako sa tatlong doctor. (WOW.) Nothing life-threatening naman sa results. Hindi naman ganon ka-seryoso. Pinainom lang ako ng mga medicines. Mukhang okay naman. I guess?

Ngayon na medyo pwede na ako bumalik sa training… biglang parang tinatamad ako. Ang palagay ko, humina ako lalo. Hindi ako as strong as I want to be. Last year was athletic. Like tipong, my best year in sport: weightlifting, dragon boating, running.

But I ended the year feeling a sense of defeat.

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